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Air Pollution Alerts - April 11th, 2010

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(Last on April 04, 2010)

New Yorker, April, 2010
Up in the Air by Elizabeth Kolbert.

Energy Technology and Policy, April 11th, 2010
World Bank funds one of the planet’s dirtiest fuels.

TIME Online, April 11th, 2010
Greenhouse effects: CHP systems.

The National, April 10th, 2010
Lebanon to drop tariffs on hybrid cars.

Berita Jakarta, April 9th, 2010
Air Quality in Jakarta Much Better.

The City Fix, April 9th, 2010
Lima’s Metropolitano BRT.

The Pulse, April 9th, 2010
Air Pollution in Santiago.

WHO, April 9th, 2010
How urban policies can make city living healthier and safer.

CENS, April 9th, 2010
EVs of All Kinds Continue to Electrify Vehicle-makers Into Further Action.

Truth About Cars, April 9th, 2010
China To Seriously Subsidize EVs.

Press Information Bureau, India, April 9th, 2010
Pollution in Historical Buildings.

Bank Information Center, April 8th, 2010
World Bank approves $3.75 billion loan to Eskom.

CNN, April 8th, 2010
India's pollution solution.

IPS, April 7th, 2010
HEALTH: Putting the Focus on Cities.

Earth Times, April 7th, 2010
Hong Kong signs pact with China to reduce pollution.

DNA India, April 7th, 2010
Problems of wealth and poverty co-exist.

Science Daily, April 7th, 2010
From Oil Sector to Wind Power in Norway.

Radio Australia, April 6th, 2010
Why is China's mining industry so dangerous?

CNN, April 6th, 2010
World Health Day focuses on urbanization.

TIMES Live, April 6th, 2010
Limpopo residents complain to Worldbank about Eskom loan.

Reuters, April 6th, 2010
Traffic-related air pollution tied to stroke death.

TIME Live, April 6th, 2010
Limpopo residents complain about Eskom loan.

Reuters, April 6th, 2010
Public supports energy over environment.

Hindustan Times, April 6th, 2010
WHO praises Delhi govt for curbing pollution.

Business Standard, April 6th, 2010
In a smog of its own making.

Live Mint, April 5th, 2010
Fighting urbanization blues in India.

Contra Costa Times, April 5th, 2010
Clean air plan targets industries from dairies to developers.

Business Standard, April 5th, 2010
Urban disaster in India.

Express Buzz, April 5th, 2010
Slow poisoning of the Chennai City.

Reuters, April 5th, 2010
Electric cars win hype, staying power questioned.

Science Daily, April 4th, 2010
Energy Crops Impact Environmental Quality.

China Daily, April 4th, 2010
Don't blame it on Beijing.

Power-Gen, April 4th, 2010
India: Can she make the most of her opportunities?

Living Peru, April 3rd, 2010
Air pollution levels in Lima have dropped.

Kunming News, April 3rd, 2010
Shanghai bans burning waste straw to ensure air quality during World Expo.

Economic Times, April 2nd, 2010
Air pollution deteriorates exercisers' health.

New York Times, April 1st, 2010
Countries Blame China, Not Nature, for Water Shortage.

New York Times, March 31st, 2010
World Bank Mulls $3.75 Billion for South African Coal Power Expansion.

ECA International, March 24th, 2010
Air pollution prevents Hong Kong's rise up location rating ranks.

New York Times, March 24th, 2010
Deforestation Continues, but More Slowly.

The Tribune, March 30th, 2010
Air pollution causes 200 premature deaths annually in Ludhiana.

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