Sunday, October 9, 2011

Air Pollution Alerts - October 9th, 2011

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(Last on October 2nd, 2011)

World Bank, October, 2011
Greenhouse Gas Emission Mitigation in Road Construction and Rehabilitation: A Toolkit for Developing Countries.

The Hindu Business Line, October 9th, 2011
Challenges of mobility.

The Hindu, October 9th, 2011
Delhi Zoo safe for inmates.

Hindustan Times, October 9th, 2011
New BMC norms for your footpaths.

The City Fix, October 7th, 2011
Making Room for Delhi’s Bicycle Culture.

Waste Management World, October 7th, 2011
Jindal Group's upcoming waste-to-energy plant has Delhi fuming.

The Guardian, October 7th, 2011
Europe's greenhouse gas emissions rise.

The Guardian, October 6th, 2011
Airlines can be charged for carbon pollution, court rules.

The Guardian, October 5th, 2011
Melting Arctic ice clears the way for supertanker voyages.

The Live Mint, October 4th, 2011
Soot-monsoon link to be studied.

Climate-L, October 3rd, 2011
The urban dimension of climate change.

The Guardian, October 3rd, 2011
China to tighten air pollution standards.

Times of India, October 3rd, 2011
Set emission cut target date for all nations.

All Africa, October 1st, 2011
Uganda: WHO Warns of Increased Air Pollution Deaths.

The Hindu, September 30th, 2011
Do aerosols have an impact on Indian monsoon?

Biofuels Digest, September 27th, 2011
The Third Way: Advanced biofuels as a system of systems.

Brookings, August 2011
Energy and Green Growth: Recasting the Options, Re-envisioning Sustainability.

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